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Our company provides world wide web marketing services suitable to every type of company and web visibility needs.
The products are the result of over 3 years of experience and initiative in direct marketing industry, providing the best results. Customized for your special needs and designed to develop and maintain your web identity our services are the right choice for your business.
Low costs, full support, fast delivery and high impact solutions, represents the best quality/cost choice for a small, medium company. Helping you to reach your target audience in a very short time, World Marketer is a unique opportunity for you and your business.

Client oriented concept, World Marketer company was created to offer solutions for beeing a natural web presence. All out products can be customised for every client need and offer full satisfaction, depending to type of webcampaign that you want to implement. For getting a full presentation and more details about our services please visit Contact page.


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One banner in our newsletter, offers the possibilty to advertise new products at an excellent quality/cost rate. Want to say something, and achieve new clients ? Use WM Light!
This service is specially created to make the customer focus on your company and products. This will be a stand alone message, created to atract and maintain the contact with new clients.If you are looking to expand your services and achieve new quality clients, this is the services for you.
This products gives you the opportunity to get new customers on your website as your products and company profile will be included in our newsletter with visual support, giving you a quality review.
Cost 39 USD
Cost 49 USD
Cost 69 USD
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