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:: World Marketer - Frequently asked questions

How World Marketer get all his subscribers and registered users?

WorldMarketer registered users database is the result of a vast experience in web marketing and products and service quality offered to every visitor and clients that used our services. World Marketer advanced email spam policy give to our clients the total confidenciality about their data.

Why I choose World Marketer ?

When you choose to use our services think that your advertising goes to other business persons and possible clients, if your products meet their needs.

How can I get World Marketer services for me?

As soon as you decided to use our services, you can buy the best product for you online and instant activation. Payment is made with the kindly services offered by Money Bookers, online payment system that offers the security and confidentiality of your transfer.

What kind of products provides World Marketer ?

WM Light, WM Basic , WM Advanced or any possible custom products you may need , World Marketer reserves his right to rejects any web marketing services to websites and companies that have explicti sexual content, or may have an offendand content related ot religion, minority or illegal activities.

How soon World Marketer will send my emails?

If you choose WM Light or WM Business, as soon as the payment is confirmed for the service you want to purchase, the information will automatically be included in our next newsletter. (Standard World Marketer Newsletter is sent 4 times a month) .
If you purchased WM Advanced and we have the payment confirmation the newsletter is sent in maximum 48 hours.

How I know that I'm reading a World Marketer newsletter?

Every email we send has in the body of the email the World Marketer logo, offers the possibility to unsubscribe to that newsletter and have as unique sender newsletter@wmarketer.com.


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